Basket/Storage, Laun, LARGE

Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0028315 Brand:


Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0028315 Brand:


h: 64 cm, dia: 45 cm
Whether you use them for storage or as laundry baskets, these two baskets called Laun are a wonderful choice. House Doctor has designed the two baskets in two different sizes using handwoven water hyacinth. Their wide pattern adds is a natural and soft contrast to sleek surfaces and other materials in your home, no matter where you place the baskets. Use them in the living room to store throws and let their sheer volume and height be the decorative detail instead of floor vases. Or use them as laundry baskets in the bedroom. Pair them with the entire range of water hyacinth items from House Doctor and get a well put together look in your home.



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