Enamel Saucepan 1,3L

Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0030238 Brand:


Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0030238 Brand:


The Way home collection illustrates Pippi’s beloved neighbourhood: the surroundings of Villa Villekulla. Pippi, the strongest girl in the world, has swung her horse up on her arms, while Tommy and Annika are secretly watching behind the fence.

This saucepan is a kitchen essential piece and designed for versatile use; a handy piece for making a sauce, heating up food, or serving – you choose!

Muurla’s enamelware carries a carbon steel core, with a double coating of enamel. The items are durable, functional and light. Enamelware is easy to use, easy to keep clean and suitable for all hobs – from induction to open fire. Designed for both cooking and serving, as well as food preservation.

Capacity 1,3 L. Dishwasher safe. Do not put in microwave oven.