Hang, Natural, Small

Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0028120 Brand:


Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0028120 Brand:


S:, l: 20 cm, w: 15 cm, h: 16 cm,
Get your storage baskets off the floor with the hanging baskets called Hang. They come in two sizes and are designed by House Doctor in soft water hyacinth. The pattern is handwoven and is a testament to the craftsmanship behind the design. Hang the baskets from hooks in the bathroom as convenient and elegant storage of store toilet paper, towels and other items. The wide, woven pattern and natural material softens tiles, marble and metals. Let hyacinth be an accent material in the bathroom, living room and kitchen to form a cohesive look in your home décor.



House Doctor