Wool and Cashmere Detergent

Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0027379 Brand:


Availability: Á goymslu SKU: NI-0027379 Brand:


Humdakin laundry soap for wool and cashmere – 750 ml.

The hypoallergenic wool and cashmere detergent cleans and softens your clothes.
Not only is this detergent allergy-friendly, it also protects the natural fibers 
found in wool and cashmere. 

This product is a concentrate. Always use as directed. When dosing the detergent, think
about the environment – do not overuse. Excessive use does not make the clothes
any softer and is harmful to the environment.

Ingredients: Less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, preservation agents (2-phenoxythanol)